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About Ahimsa Sanctuary Farm

About Ahimsa Sanctuary Farm

Ahimsa is the Sanskrit term for “nonharming” and ASF is a demonstration project serving as a model of sustainable, ecologically-attuned living in balance with Nature’s abundance.

Ahimsa Sanctuary Farm  (ASF) is located on rolling pastures and thickly wooded gulches, with an expansive ocean view in Haiku, Maui Hawaii. We welcome you to join us for an Eco Farm Tour.

Our Mission

We honor the earth as our Sacred Mother worthy of respect and protection. As stewards of the planet’s ecosystems and natural resources, we are guided by the philosophy of “Ahimsa” or nonviolence. Through growing healthy food, developing sustainable energy, and building conscious communities, we will pass on a vibrant planet to our children for seven generations and more into the future.

Medicine Wheel Arial View: Ahimsa Sanctuary Farm, MauiOrganic Farming

ASF practices organic farming methods, free from synthetic fertilizers and pesticides, to raise nutritious whole foods and medicinal herbs. Our vision is to use permaculture design with non-GMO seeds, pure well water, and living compost to build the vitality of the soil and yield living foods that enhance health. Nutrient rich water from aquaculture ponds is purified with living bog filters and used to irrigate adjacent garden beds. Several varieties of bamboo are grown for the use of windbreaks, construction materials, and musical instruments.

Renewable Energy

Steady trade winds refresh ASF’s northshore Maui location, bringing moisture from the open Pacific that waters vegetables, herbs, flowers, pastures, and fruit trees with showers that continue up the slopes of Haleakala, leaving sunny skies, perfect for the efficient production of solar and wind power.

ASF is one of the first sites in Hawaii to install the ground-breaking, DNA-shaped, 5 kilowatt Helixwind generator. Learn about our specialized organic permaculture farming and sustainable energy systems during one of our hands on, interactive Eco Farm Tours, fun for the whole family.

Arts & Education

ASF is also home to Blue Mountain Sculpture, Silent Breeze Pottery, Sacred Earth Bellydance by Mirayah Delamar, and a 90 foot diameter Sacred Medicine Wheel. Visit Sacred Earth Gallery on our grounds to view pottery and sculpture made on the farm. An agricultural workshop at Ahimsa Sanctuary Farms is used to teach about sustainability and organic farming, and to dry and package Sacred Earth Herbal Teas, grown on site.

Ahimsa Sanctuary Farms is located at 4505 Hana Highway, Haiku, Maui HI on the north shore between Ulumalu and Manawai, 15 minutes from Paia, on the beautiful Hawaiian island of Maui.