Eco Tours at Ahimsa Sanctuary Farm on Maui

Eco tours at Ahimsa Sanctuary Farm will delight your whole family! Tours are offered for groups of 6 or more.


eco farm tours turtleAhimsa Sanctuary Farm Eco Tours

If you are interested in learning more about sustainable, eco friendly living plus permaculture, veganic agriculture and farming, renewable energy systems and more, you’ve come the right place! Our mission is to serve as an example of a self-sufficient, sustainable agricultural system, growing everything needed at Ahimsa Sanctuary Farm without imported amendments, fertilizers, or pesticides, and building soil fertility with natural farming methods from around the world. We offer eco farm tours for groups of 6 people or more. You can book your tour together with a delicious and nutritious gourmet vegetarian Farm to Table meal if you like. Contact us to schedule your group tour.

Ahimsa Sanctuary Farm Eco Tours are the perfect way to experience the beauty of Maui while enjoying interactive learning about regenerative, organically managed farming, sustainable energy systems, aquaculture and permaculture design. 

Maui’s Destination for Permaculture & USDA Certified Organic Farming Methods

Nestled above the Pacific, a short drive from Paia, Ahimsa Sanctuary Farm rests amidst Maui’s beautiful north shore meadows. Ahimsa Sanctuary Farm Eco Tours demonstrate applied solutions for sustainably growing healthy, non-GMO foods and generating energy without polluting. From growing USA Certified Organic produce, to aquaculture, permaculture, sustainable energy systems and more, our tours feature exploration of our 25 acre organic farm and learning from our expert tour guides. Kids are welcome and love our tours!

Eco Farm Tours VermicultureMaui Eco Farm Tours Feature:

  • Hands on interactive learning tailored for children and adults in groups of 6 or more.
  • Learn about the elements of permaculture design
  • Discussion and education about organically managed vegetables, herbs, flowers and orchards, fish ponds and aquaponic designs, soil fertility using composting and vermiculture (worms)
  • Learn about renewable wind and solar energy
  • Medicine Wheel exploration and discussion of indigenous beliefs about honoring the earth and its sacred life giving forces
  • Organic herbal tea tastings

Ahimsa Sanctuary Farm Eco Tours are filled with true Aloha!

Our methods are inspired by traditional Hawaiian “ahupua’a” systems. Enjoy meditating by our aquaculture fish ponds. Visit the medicine wheel. Learn more about medicinal herbs. Absorb the beauty of Maui as the locals do, connecting with the land. Ahimsa Sanctuary Farm Eco Tours  offer a peaceful and educational experience away from tourist crowds. To schedule an eco farm tour for your group of 6 or more people please contact us.

This is your chance to engage with nature while learning, relaxing, and enjoying dramatic ocean views during our eco farm tours.