Organic Herbal Teas: Ahimsa Sanctuary Farm, Maui

Maui Sacred Earth Organic Herbal TeasOrganic Herbal Teas

Maui Sacred Earth organic herbal teas are filled with certified organic, non-GMO, medicinal herbs. Each delicious tea is a proprietary blend designed to support optimal health. Hot or cold, our teas are unique in their freshness and 100% Maui grown ingredients.

All of the herbs in Maui Sacred Earth teas are grown on Maui at Ahimsa Sanctuary Farm. Since the farm is family owned and operated, dedicated to holistic living, permaculture, and organic farming, each plant we grow is nurtured with love and the purest, all vegetarian, soil enhancements. We think this makes a difference! You can expect our teas to be both tasty and filled with vibrant energy, just like Hawaii.

Want to Taste and Buy Herbal Teas?

Maui Sacred Earth Organic Herbal TeasPurchase our teas by giving us a call or by visiting us at Ahimsa Sanctuary Farm, located just off Hana Highway, not far from Paia, on Maui’s north shore. We feature these teas and offer tastings during each of our Eco Farm Tours and Farm To Table Meals. If you’d like to purchase teas to be shipped to you, please contact us by calling our toll free phone number found at the top of this website. We think you’ll find our teas to be a beautiful blend of fragrant goodness and healing aloha!